What other languages are you making?

We have been working on most popular Asian languages such as Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Thai and are now moving on to European languages such as Italian, Spanish, French and German. We will continue to work on other languages of the world. Please return to our website for updates, follow @codegentapps on Twitter or "like" codegent on Facebook.

I want to learn Thai, but the Thai characters in your app are so small. Can you make it big?

This is unfortunately not a feature currently built into our app. However, if you are using iOS (iPhone, iPod or iPad), you can turn on the Apple's "Zoom" feature. Zoom lets you magnify the entire screen, which should make it easier to see characters inside Learn Thai.

In order to do so, follow these simple steps:

  1. On the Home screen, locate and tap on Settings
  2. Inside Settings, drill down from General > Accessibility
  3. Tap Zoom and turn ON using the slider

Once done, you will be able to double-tap with 3 fingers to zoom inside any app.

If you would like to turn off this feature, please refer to this guide: Disabling the Zoom feature.

If I were to purchase a new phone would I have to pay to download the pro app again since I have already made the purchase once?

No, provided you use the same iTunes account on the new phone. You can download apps you have already purchased from the purchased list in the App Store.

If this query is regarding an android phone it's much the same deal. Provided you are using the same Google account it will allow you to download the app again without charging.

Are Male and Female voices available in every app?

Learn Thai only has male and female audio recordings as Thai is so different depending on your gender. We may add alternative voices to our other apps in the future though.

Do I need to be connected to the internet to use this app?

No, you don't.

Can I buy through Paypal?

At the moment there is no way to buy our apps through Paypal although we may add this in the future.

I already install Learn Thai, but I can't upgrade to "Learn Thai Pro". Location: Taiwan

Unfortunately its not possible to buy paid apps in Taiwan at the moment as Google have removed all paid apps from the Market. This was done in response to the government saying the standard 15 minute refund policy Google have in place needs to be extended to 7 days. Google where unable to do this so they removed the ability to purchase apps.

"Google takes down Android Market in Taiwan"

Hopefully Google and the Taiwan government will make an agreement soon and paid apps will return to the market. Keep checking back and we will update this space.

I would like to upgrade to the pro version but after I input the credit card info, it does not allow me to proceed further as it keeps saying "Invalid Address"

Suggestion 1

If you are in Singapore, we had a few users who reported a problem with their credit card address which returns the "Invalid Address" message.

From searching on the internet there seem to be quite a few people in Singapore who experienced this problem as seen here:

Please contact your bank for the correct address format or maybe try using another card?

Suggestion 2

Another user who had this problem told us that by switching the email address in their google checkout account to be a gmail email address instead of hotmail, yahoo etc. it immediately worked.