I downloaded the Pro version but every time I open the app it asks me if I want to download the Pro version, is that normal?

It sounds like you might be opening the LITE version. Please check the icon, if it is the PRO version it will not have a "LITE" banner in the top right hand corner. If you can't find the PRO version, please locate it via the App Store or Android Market, and download it again. You should not be charged again if you have already bought the upgrade.

I have problems downloading the app on Android Market

This is a general problem that sometimes happens on Android market. Please visit this link for more info:

"Download unsuccessful" on all Market downloads

Specifically, try the solution outlined here:

Applications -> Settings -> Applications -> Manage Applications -> Filter: All -> Download Manager -> Clear data

If that doesn't work there are a few other possible fixes we've seen mentioned:

  1. Clear "Market" cache
  2. Sign out of Google Talk, then sign back in again
  3. Restart the phone

Final Tip: One of our users recently installed a "MarketFix" application that sorted out his issues with big downloads on the Android Market.

Hopefully the above suggestions should fix the problem. However, if it doesn't work, send the order number to apps@codegent.com and we will issue a refund on your purchase.

I have just downloaded the Learn app and the sound is not working

Please make sure the iPad is not in mute mode. In iOS 4.2 it changed from orientation lock toggle to mute switch and can often get switched to the ON position accidentally. We get quite a few users thinking sound is broken and it turns out to be this little switch. It's extra confusing as some apps (such as music players) play audio a different way which allows them to bypass this setting.

iPad Volume Toggle
iPad Volume Toggle

If you have tried the above solution and it still does not solve the problem try restarting the iPad. And if that doesn't work try deleting then re-downloading the app. If you purchased the in app upgrade you can click though to buy it again, if you have already paid it will not charge you and should download for free.

I purchased the other phrases in app and then did the update and now the extra phrases don't show up

It seems to be caused by the in app purchase being out of sync with the recent app update. To fix this issue you need to delete the app from your iPad then re-download from the App Store (you can find in the purchased list) and then go to Upgrade in the app. It should recognize you have already paid for the in app purchase and will re-download the updated version without charging you. After this the app should function normally.

These are the steps to follow after you have re-downloaded and installed the app:

  1. Tap on one of the locked Pro categories
  2. Select "Upgrade"

  3. You will see a popup asking you to "Confirm Your In App Purchase". Tap "Buy"

  4. You will now see a popup saying that "You've already purchased this". Tap "OK"

  5. It will download and unlock the Pro categories. Then tap "OK" to close the popup

Apologies for the hassle, we are looking into how this happened and so that hopefully we can avoid this problem in future.

I just downloaded the app and I have no audio when I click the sound icon

Please make sure the iPhone is not in mute mode. This is the silent mode switch on the side of the phone. When it is ON, the volume may appear but the phone will not play sounds.

Please check it is not in the ON position as shown in the photo below:

iPhone Volume Toggle
iPhone Volume Toggle

After the last update I can't access the Learn app from my apps screen. The link is not there for some reason

It sounds like the app has been accidentally deleted or moved on your device. Assuming you are using iOS please follow these instructions to download the app again from your purchased list of applications.

"Downloading past purchases from the App Store, iBookstore, and iTunes Store"

Error: 'You must purchase the app that this item is for before you can purchase the item'

This error message can occur with any application that uses the Apple in-app purchase if you use more than one account with Apple iTunes.

The error is triggered if the user downloads with one account, and then tries to purchase with a different account configured in Settings > Store on their device. The in-app purchase mechanism of iTunes requires you to use the same account to download and purchase.

The only way around this issue is to remove the application from the device, re-download it (while signed in under the account with credit card information on it), and then try in-app purchasing.

If you are still unable to complete your purchase, please contact Apple Technical Support for further assistance, as we cannot assist with problems purchasing applications on iTunes. You can contact Apple iTunes support by filling out their form.